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UICNS provides total NOC architecture and setup including space design, console fixtures, audio/ visual systems, infrastructure, network and security support infrastructure, monitoring and managed services, as well as fully integrated installation, documentation, training, operations and migration.


Effective data center monitoring and control is a critical element of maintaining maximum availability for your critical operations. UICNS emphasizes providing live views of data center power distribution and consumption, heat dissipation, space utilization and rack elevations and environmental controls such as humidity, moisture etc.


Systems Monitoring and Management Services offer leading edge management and monitoring that extend from the hardware layer to the application layer starting from maintaining accurate real-time views of data center servers, blades, virtual systems, data and IP networks, addressing and cabling to applications efficiency, uptime and reliability.


UICNS believe it is vital for monitoring and control systems to be cost effective, quickly deployed and implemented, easy to use, utilize intuitive alarming and escalation methodologies and provide robust reporting, all from a central and , secure, location that is robust and based on flexible but secured platforms.


Whether its core-site transition to DR, total relocation or whatever the requirement might be, seamless site, facility, infrastructure, network and operation relocation and transition offerings include end-to-end migration services, methodologies, utilization of latest technologies, command and control centers to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

UICNS has experience in designing, building, and installing Command Centers, Control Centers, Network Operation Centers, Network Management Centers, Network Control Centers, Data Centers, Security Operations Centers, Mock Trading Rooms and various other monitoring intensive control facilities. UICNS can provide a turn-key solution by handling everything you need including space design, console furniture, audio/visual systems, network & support infrastructure monitoring and/or managed services as well as installation. The NOC technicians typically provide support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Typical daily processes include:

 Monitoring operations of all backbone links and network devices.
 Ensuring continuous operation of servers and services.
 Providing quality support for network users.
 Troubleshooting of all network and system related problems.
 Opening tickets to track and document resolution of problems.
 24 hours a day, 7 days a week supervised operation by highly skilled network and system engineers.


UICNS’s criteria for both support infrastructure systems monitoring and information technology infrastructure monitoring is the same. UICNS believe it vital that monitoring and control systems be cost effective, quickly deployed and implemented, easy to use, utilize intuitive alarming and escalation methodologies and provide robust reporting all from a central, secure, location. Mission critical services require sophisticated monitoring.

Monitoring systems should provide proactive management and enable the quick assessment of present situation and notify the appropriate personnel should situations that threaten availability. In depth, analysis features should help you to plan for changes in availability and/or capacity requirements.


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Latest Partners

  • SK-Kältetechnik GmbH

    SK-Kältetechnik GmbH - Founded more than ten years ago in the market,  The preciousness of energy sources and the need to reduce energy consumption conscious, has always inspired the development of new ideas and concepts of environmentally friendly and affordable solutions that are not at the expense of reliability.

    Focusing on the field of cooling and temperature control of fluids for manufacturing of various industrial sectors through an exclusive and extensive know-how that  enabled us after a thorough studies of the global climate and cooling development to develop our new high-end solutions.

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"1st class solution and outstanding services." Dr. Refaat
"Professional team and high quality technologies." Eng. Rifad
"Cost effective and efficient system." Mr. Imad

Our Company

UICNS is a leading Data Center practice provider in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The company, has active presence in the region, and is focused in Data Centers and Hosting Facilities. The company focus into Data Centers and IT/Telecom facilities adds key value differentiators to the market, as well as to the strategic partners and allies across the region of operations.


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