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UICNS offers the true TIA-942 Audit & Certification, as well as 3rd party ISO-24762, ISO-27001 and ISO 20000 Audits, Compliance Reviews, Facility Validation and Certifications Services.  Extensive and rigorous process to assess compliance to the requirements of the standards involves over 2,600 criteria to be assessed throughout Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Security, Safety and Telecommunication.


Aimed at helping customers with validating the designs which they or their consultants or suppliers have prepared and verification of designs against applicable standards and/or Tier levels. Validation is generally done before the procurement phase to ensure that everything is correctly designed and specified.

Data centers at every phase of their development require expert evaluation and analysis. Ensuring consistency and compliance is achieved by providing evaluation services for their data center in the various areas milestones and stages of the design, build, and testing, commissioning and hand-over phases.

Onsite review of the data center includes performing careful review of on key criteria and elements such as construction, location, power infrastructure, environmental control infrastructure, physical security, electromagnetic fields, and telecom infrastructure and maintenance contracts to identify critical problems and evaluate existing status of the site.


Certification services providing certification of data centers based on various standards such as ANSI/TIA-942, ISO/IEC-24762, ISO/IEC-20000, ISO/IEC-27000 etc., offering Tier level certification based on compliance report of intense architectural, electrical, mechanical, maintenance and documentation audit.

Once your new data center has been built, you want to ensure that it has been built according to the applicable standards and international best practices. It is a known fact that some contractors ‘cut corners’. Sometimes due to the immense price pressure, or sometimes they simply overlooked aspects or just delivered poor workmanship in some extreme cases. UICNS delivers a wide range of audit and certification services aimed at newly built facilities as well as existing facilities. Often standards such as ANSI / TIA-942, SS507 and ISO-24762 are taken as the basis for these audits. Leave it to UICNS and we will guarantee that you get what you require; a data center that meets your business requirements, benchmarked against international standards and guidelines.

UICNS offerings independent and vendor neutral data center audits:

- ANSI / TIA-942
- SS50
- ISO / IEC-24762
- ISO - 20000
- ISO - 27001

Latest Partners

  • SK-Kältetechnik GmbH

    SK-Kältetechnik GmbH - Founded more than ten years ago in the market,  The preciousness of energy sources and the need to reduce energy consumption conscious, has always inspired the development of new ideas and concepts of environmentally friendly and affordable solutions that are not at the expense of reliability.

    Focusing on the field of cooling and temperature control of fluids for manufacturing of various industrial sectors through an exclusive and extensive know-how that  enabled us after a thorough studies of the global climate and cooling development to develop our new high-end solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"1st class solution and outstanding services." Dr. Refaat
"Professional team and high quality technologies." Eng. Rifad
"Cost effective and efficient system." Mr. Imad

Our Company

UICNS is a leading Data Center practice provider in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The company, has active presence in the region, and is focused in Data Centers and Hosting Facilities. The company focus into Data Centers and IT/Telecom facilities adds key value differentiators to the market, as well as to the strategic partners and allies across the region of operations.


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