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    State-of-the-Art Data Center Services and Solutions

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    Data Center & IT Cost Effective Consultancy, ROI and Feasibility studies

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    Project Management and Project control

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    High Qualified Experts with extensive background of the client and infrastructure requirement and TIA942 standards

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    UICNS helps you to achieve your business objectives and needs in professional and high standards

UICNS provides unique services that enhance the universal need of every industry and enterprise. Through unmatched technical expertise and liquid business entrepreneurship and management skills, UICNS offers a blend of creativity and quality, flavored by passion & understanding. As a leading solutions provider, UICNS revolves all its innovate products around the core of “quality service”.

UICNS personalized, highly technical and always-available training and support services pave the way for functional operability and competent reliability. UICNS offers its clients generous attention to understand their needs and works with them through collaborative sessions to deliver joint service programs that result in eminent success stories.

UICNS promotes proper leveraging of the right technologies and personnel and introduces available options and alternatives, before moving forward with strategies. UICNS Consulting services eliminate your rising costs of IT personnel, equipment, software and increasingly difficult-to-build and maintain services and applications in-house. UICNS’s consultancy teams are groups of seasoned professionals specializing in IT strategies, process reengineering, IT architecture, and the development of internal company policies and procedures. In addition to assisting with the formulation of IT strategies, UICNS facilitates you to plan, evaluate, select, install, manage and support new systems and infrastructure and overcome emerging technology challenges, through unparalleled consulting services.


• Service Level Management - To maintain and improve IT service quality through a constant cycle of agreeing, monitoring, and reporting to meet the customers' business objectives.

• Availability Management - To optimize the capability of the IT infrastructure, services, and supporting organization to deliver a cost effective and sustained level of availability enabling the business to meet their objectives

• Capacity Management - To ensure that all the current and future capacity and performance aspects of the business requirements are provided cost effectively.

• IT Service Continuity Management - To ensure that the required IT technical and services facilities can be recovered within required and agreed timescales.

• Continuity Planning is a systematic approach to the creation of a plan and/or procedures (which are regularly updated and tested) to prevent, cope with and recover from the loss of critical services for extended periods.

• Financial Management - To provide cost-effective stewardship of the IT assets and resources used in providing IT services.

• Release Management - Release Management takes a holistic view of a change to an IT service and should ensure that all aspects of a release, both technical and non-technical, are considered together.

• Specialized data center professional services, including:

 - Data Center Consultancy
 - Data Center Design, Engineering & Capacity Planning
 - Data Center Design Review, Validation and Certification
 - Data Center Energy, Cooling, Power, EMF and Efficiency Audits and Assessments
 - Data Center 3rd Party Testing & Commissioning
 - Data Center Audit and Tier Level Certification
 - Data Center Operations & Staffing
 - Data Center Training Programs
 - Wide range of Enterprise Consultancy & Professional Services in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Information Security Architectures, Virtualization and more.

The above services are delivered in accordance to leading international norms, standards & best practices such as TIA-942, ISO24762, ISO 27001, SS507, ISO/IEC-20000 and more.

• Project Management:

 End to End project and site management a professional service that applies effective management techniques to the  planning, design,
 and construction of a   project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time,  cost and quality Control and Coordination of performed work
- Management of inspection days
- Checking the quality of work performed and installed technologies
- Control of project documentation
- Monitoring the delivery of technology in terms of quality, following the general technical requirements for  installation, compliance and other technical regulations
- Monitoring compliance with the agreed implementation works in project documentation
- Acceptance of partial construction steps and acceptance of completed work following pre-scheduled milestones
- Checking the security and fire protection
- Environmental control
- Checking and processing of the completed works, listing the shortcomings
- Check completeness of documents forwarded by the contractor.
- Participation in the acceptance test procedures
- Timeline control

• Documentation

- As built drawings: Structural, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, SLD and Load Schedules, Data Center Floor Plans.
- Testing & Commissioning Reports
- Operational and User Manuals
- Labeling
- Support and maintenance schedules

Latest Partners

  • SK-Kältetechnik GmbH

    SK-Kältetechnik GmbH - Founded more than ten years ago in the market,  The preciousness of energy sources and the need to reduce energy consumption conscious, has always inspired the development of new ideas and concepts of environmentally friendly and affordable solutions that are not at the expense of reliability.

    Focusing on the field of cooling and temperature control of fluids for manufacturing of various industrial sectors through an exclusive and extensive know-how that  enabled us after a thorough studies of the global climate and cooling development to develop our new high-end solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"1st class solution and outstanding services." Dr. Refaat
"Professional team and high quality technologies." Eng. Rifad
"Cost effective and efficient system." Mr. Imad

Our Company

UICNS is a leading Data Center practice provider in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The company, has active presence in the region, and is focused in Data Centers and Hosting Facilities. The company focus into Data Centers and IT/Telecom facilities adds key value differentiators to the market, as well as to the strategic partners and allies across the region of operations.


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