UICNS is a leading Data Center practice provider in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Located in Dubai city in the luxuries DMCC and Jumeirah Lake Towers business and technology district, The world hub and the heart of business and technology with the main offices in Germany. Jordan. Iraq and Egypt.

The company has active presence in region, and is focused in Data Centers and Hosting Facilities. The company focus into Data Centers and IT/Telecom facilities adds key value differentiators to the market, as well as to the Group companies and strategic partners and allies across the region of operations.

At UICNS we realize that Data Centers, both primary and backup sites, are the corner stone in any IT & Telecom investment. They play a critical role in the ability of business to run and survive. Proper standards, where applicable, need to be applied in order to plan, design, build and run a resilient site and benchmarking can only be done based on standards where applicable/available. We hence provide very specialized compliance and standardization services aiming at ensuring quality assurance, availability and uptime of Data Centers for mission critical businesses.

Backed up by key international industry players UICNS offers independent and Vendor Neutral Data Center services & solutions including: audits, assessments and consultancy services, based on well-known standards such as ANSI/TIA-942, SS507, ISO/IEC-24762, ISO-20000 & ISO-27001, ITIL/BS15000, etc.

At UICNS, we also offer next generation & vendor agnostic Data Center technologies and solutions, backed up with our polished and proven engineering, design & technical professional services.

UICNS Solutions and Services Overview

There are two main streams of UICNS activities: Professional Services & Infrastructure Solutions as follows:

1- Specialized data center professional services, including:

 - Data Center Consultancy
 - Data Center Design, Engineering & Capacity Planning
 - Data Center Design Review, Validation and Certification
 - Data Center Energy, Cooling, Power, EMF and Efficiency Audits and Assessments
 - Data Center 3rd Party Testing & Commissioning
 - Data Center Audit and Tier Level Certification
 - Data Center Operations & Staffing
 - Data Center Training Programs
 - Wide range of Enterprise Consultancy & Professional Services in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Information Security Architectures, Virtualization and more.

The above services are delivered in accordance to leading international norms, standards & best practices such as TIA-942, ISO24762, ISO 27001, SS507, ISO/IEC-20000 and more.

2- Pioneering Data Center infrastructure solutions and value added services, spanning end to end Data Center aimed and planned for high availability, quality assurance, redundancy and fault tolerance.  Data Center infrastructure systems & solutions include:

- Data Center Mechanical and Cooling Systems, including:
- Under Raised Floor Cooling
- Cold Aisle &/or Hot Aisle Containment Solutions
- Adaptive Self Cooling Racks
- In-row and side cooling systems
- Data Center Civil Preparations Raised Floor, Partitions, Doors, Paints, etc.
- Data Center Electrical & Power Systems, including:
        - UPS & Power Backup Solutions
        - Electrical Cabling, Circuit Breakers, Distribution Panels, Bonding, Earthing & Lighting.
 - Generators
 - ATS/STS Systems

- Variety of network and servers racks & accessories
- Structured Data Cabling Systems including UTP & Fiber cabling systems, patching, in-rack and end of row cabling, etc.
- Data Center Physical Security Systems including intelligent Surveillance & Access Control Systems

- Environmental Monitoring Systems: offering full monitoring, logging and reporting of various environmental and physical parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Vibrations, Vandalism, Motion, Access, Smoke, Energy, Airflow and more.

- Fire Protection including:
 - Early Fire Detection
 - Fire Suppression Systems
 - Fire Prevention Systems
 - Integration with HVAC and Building Management Systems

UICNS is driven by the trust of its clients, partners and vendors. One key success & growth factors to us is our commitment to quality, delivered to clients’ satisfaction and best interest. Our quality delivery is ensured by our sole focus as Data C enter services and solutions provider, our technical and business expertise, coupled with unparalleled caliber of international knowledge and expertise brought along through our vendors. Of course, our trained & certified Group sister companies and regional allies are a great leverage to our success; enabling & supporting us achieve consistent regional coverage and market reach.